About Us

Hotel Da Porto is a 4-star hotel in Vicenza and is the right solution for any type of trip, whether work or pleasure. The hotel is in an advantageous position, in the Fiera di Vicenza area, and just a few minutes from the city centre. We also have a restaurant where you can enjoy both italian traditional and international food.

The hotel changed management in 2017, gathering up a historical inheritance while looking to the future with new verve. The hotel was totally renovated in January 2018, with the aim of offering our guests new, practical facilities, high level services, connections to points of interest (Fiera di Vicenza and old city centre) and special packages for a personalised stay.

Travelling for business or pleasure means coming into contact with people, cultures, tastes, environments and landscapes: that is why we want to offer our guests an all-round view of Vicenza, helping them to be comfortable in the hotel but also to enjoy this wonderful area of ours. Welcome: you are at Hotel Da Porto.

Why is this hotel called “Da Porto”?

Luigi Da Porto was born in Vicenza in 1485 and died in Vicenza in 1529. His name means little to the public at large, but he was the very person who wrote the famous “Romeo and Juliet” which was then made famous by William Shakespeare.#Legend has it that the inspiration for the story comes from a partly autobiographic matter, which was then reworked and romanticized. We are left with the mystery of the “Historia novellamente ritrovata di due nobili amanti” published for the first time in 1530 circa, that Luigi Da Porto wrote in the peace of his villa in Montorso Vicentino, while convalescing with wounds to his soul and body after combat that he was personally involved in.

The story tells of the tormented love between Romeus and Giulietta, the story which then used to inspire his most famous tragedy. Today Verona is considered worldwide to be the city of love as it is permanently linked to this work, but it was here that it had its origins and we want it to return here, at least in part. #We therefore wanted to dedicate this hotel to a great but little-known genius, searching for inspiration from his stories and allowing the dream, love and fantasy to be a part of our way of living and working. Sleeping here means finding a piece of lost, but authentic history.

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