Try Vicenza cuisine at Hotel Da Porto

If you are a guest at Hotel Da Porto, you won’t have to go in search of the true Vicenza tastes. In fact, the two-star Michelin restaurant Querini da Zemin is inside the hotel, offering a high-quality experience for anyone wishing to try the Veneto region delicacies.

The region’s traditional dishes have been reinvented by the chef Bruno Salzillo, who offers a menu full of seafood and meat-based dishes, accompanied by one of the more than 250 wines available, ranging from white, to red, to sparkling.


Seafood and meat hors d'oeuvres

  • Our raw seafood 25€
  • Toasted amberjack with turnip heads and bagna cauda 14€
  • Toasted Puglia cuttlefish, sea scallops and cardinal prawns on cream of red potato with marjoram essence, lemon and black ink dressing 15€
  • Secreto di Patanegra 5jotas roasted with marinated hibiscus radicchio and artichokes 14€
  • Warm marinated veal with juice, turmeric-flavoured cauliflower, spring cabbage and spicy mandarin 14€
  • Fiolaro di Creazzo broccoli… 10€

Pasta and rice dishes

  • Orecchiette with grano arso, julienne of raw calamari squid and turnip heads with Taggiasca olives and chilli pepper 13€
  • Spaghetti with sea scallops and dried tuna fish roe 14€
  • Bread and broccoli gnocchi with cream of mantis shrimp, chilli pepper and saffron oil 14€
  • Cocoa-flavoured tagliatelle with wild boar ragù sauce and cream of Treviso IGP radicchio 13€
  • Pumpkin risotto with apple and ginger jelly, pear and Montegalda De. Co salsa verde (min. 2 people) 12€
  • Ravioli di Montasio and polenta with pigeon sauce and thyme aroma 13€

Seafood and meat hors d'oeuvres

  • Citrus flavoured swordfish with prunes and onions stuffed with bacon mousse 18€
  • Fish soup with crustaceans, molluscs and dried cod with lemongrass bisque 20€
  • Salted cod fish alla Vicentina della Venerabile Confraternita 14€
  • “Fresh fish of the day” and vegetables 4.50€ /100g
  • Beef fillet with chanterelle and trumpet mushrooms, turnip and rosemary aroma 22€
  • Port-glazed Barberie duck tagliata with raisins and red berry pears, brioche bread and chicory 18€
  • Bollito 2017…Pork sausage, beef and tongue, with braised spring cabbage and apple, lentil cream, sweet and sour potatoes and salsa verde 18€
  • Vegetarian chilli, with turmeric-scented basmati rice and crunchy cone 16€

Classics: traditional and essentiality of raw materials

  • Salted cod fish alla Vicentina della Venerabile Confraternita 14€
  • “Fresh fish of the day” and vegetables 4.50€ /100g


  • 64% Madagascar “Manjari” chocolate cake, panettone, whisky and toffee cream, coffee sorbet 8€
  • Raffaello…coconut, white chocolate, almonds and crunchy biscuit 8€
  • Pineapple marinated in sage, raspberries, salted caramel and peanut ice cream 7€
  • “Exploded” eclair with zabaglione mousse, choux pastry, dates and nuts 8€
  • Pistachio dessert with saffron cream and quince jam 8€
  • Selection of homemade ice creams 6€
  • List of herbal teas and teas on request

3 generations of restaurant owners

The Querini da Zemin restaurants continues a tradition that was begun by Rodolfo Zemin, maître of the prestigious restaurant at the Hotel Danieli in Venice from 1920 to 1926, followed by his son Sergio, manager of Caffè Garibaldi in Piazza dei Signori in Vicenza from 1978 to 1988 and founder of another renowned restaurant in Vicenza, Zemin in Costigiola di Monteviale, in the hills close to the city. The tradition continues with Marilisa Zemin, in the present day.

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